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Exercises You Can Do at Home after Knee Replacement Surgery

Watch the video and download the follow-along guide and schedule worksheet.

This video is a shows you how to do physical therapy exercises at home after knee replacement surgery. 

AAHKS surgeons say that it is not just what you do during physical therapy after a knee replacement but what you do on your own that will lead to a successful outcome.

Watch the video, and download the accompanying guide and schedule to print and follow along as you work out.

FREE DOWNLOADS: Step-by-Step Guidance

» Home Therapy Exercises after Total Knee Replacement
Get step-by-step instructions along with photos of exercises you can do in the 12 weeks after your surgery. Exercises are in three phases starting with warm ups and gradually expanding into strengthening, endurance and balance.

» Total Knee Exercise Schedule
This worksheet helps you keep track of your exercise routine over the 12 weeks.

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