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Exercise Guidance Before & After Surgery

Print these pre and post-surgery guides to follow along with exercises you can do at home!

Airport Security and Metal Implants

There’s one thing to know to make your screening go smoothly.

Do I need a joint replacement?

Whether you are starting to experience pain and loss of mobility in your hips or knees,  have been treating joint pain for some time, are about to have or had surgery already, we can help you take an active role in improving the health of your joints.

Find a Doctor

Find a hip and knee replacement specialist who is a member of AAHKS.

Flyer for Your Practice

AAHKS has made this flyer available for surgeons’ offices to download, print and include in your patients’ take-home materials. It includes the website address and a scannable code for smart phones.

Considering Joint Replacement Surgery

When you’ve made the decision to have joint replacement surgery, use these resources to supplement discussions with your surgeon.

Learn about osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis affects over 27 million individuals in the United States alone.

Set expectations.

Have an open discussion with your surgeon about function after surgery.

Get answers.

We answer commonly asked questions about recovery following surgery.


The following videos will show you what to expect during joint replacement surgery in a condensed timeframe and also the exercises you can do at home before and after your surgery. WARNING: Some of these videos are of actual surgeries in operating rooms. If you are uncomfortable with the sight of blood, tissue and bone, we recommend you read the articles in our Hip and Knee Care Library instead.

Total Knee exam

Total Knee Replacement

Observe a total knee replacement surgery where the surgeon replaces components of the knee with implants.

Total Hip Replacement | Mini-Posterior Approach

Observe a total hip replacement surgery where the surgeon accesses the joint from the back of the hip.

knee exam

Partial Knee Replacement

Observe a partial knee replacement surgery where the surgeon replaces a portion of the knee with implants.

hip exam

Total Hip Replacement | Anterior Approach

Observe a total hip replacement surgery where the surgeon accesses the joint from the front of the hip.

hamstring stretch

At-Home Exercises Before Hip or Knee Replacement

These exercises will help you prepare for your joint replacement surgery so you can get back to the activities you enjoy.

knee exam

At-Home Stretching Exercises for Hip or Knee Replacement

Follow along with this video at home and do basic stretches before and after your hip or knee replacement surgery.

hip exam

At-Home Exercises After Hip Replacement

You can follow along with this video and do basic physical therapy exercises at home after your hip replacement surgery.

knee exam

At-Home Exercises After Knee Replacement

This video shows basic physical therapy exercises that you can do at home after your knee replacement surgery.

Living with a New Joint

If you’ve had a hip or knee replaced, you may have some questions about day-to-day activities.

Will I set off airport metal detectors?

Many commonly used orthopaedic implants may set off metal detectors at airport security. In fact, over 90% of implants will. Learn how to discretely inform TSA of your implants.

Help, I can’t sleep!

One of the most frequent complaints after total joint replacement is difficulty sleeping. Your sleep disruption is likely caused by pain. Learn how to get a good night’s sleep after surgery.

Is it safe to have sex after surgery?

It’s important to set realistic expectations and learn how to safely resume sexual activity after joint replacement while avoiding complications. See what surgeons reccomend and don’t reccomend.

Can I play sports after knee replacement?

The forces applied to a knee implant are much higher while playing sports than during regular daily activities. This can cause wear and tear on the implants. Lean what you can and can’t do with your new knee.

Hip and Knee Care Library

These articles have been written and peer reviewed by surgeon members of the AAHKS Patient Education Committee.

Hip Care

Knee Care

Getting Ready for Surgery

Recovering after Surgery

Living with Your New Joint

Joint Replacement and Your Health

Nonsurgical and Other Options

Completing Your Survey Helps Everyone

If the hospital, surgical care center, insurance or device manufacturer involved in your hip or knee replacement surgery has asked you to complete a survey about your experience, please do! These surveys collect information from people who have been through the surgery and puts the data into an anonymous database called a “registry.” Doctors and their surgical teams use this data to do research and improve the way they practice. The more people who complete the surveys, the better hip and knee surgical care will be for everyone in the future. To learn more about patient reported outcome (PRO) surveys, visit the blog of the AAOS American Joint Replacement Registry – the official Registry of AAHKS.

Learn what it means to be a member of AAHKS.

There are over 4,000 members of AAHKS, and the number grows each year. The aim of this medical specialty society is to promote the advancement of hip and knee care through education, advocacy and research.

Why do surgeons attend the AAHKS Annual Meeting?

If you’ve tried to see your surgeon in early November, chances are they were attending the AAHKS Annual Meeting. Find out why this is “The Most Important Meeting
on Adult Reconstruction in the World.”

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